WIKKI GmbH’s unique expertise lies in providing services around the OpenFOAM® technology. FOAM is an open-source C++ library to solve computational continuum mechanics problems with special emphasis on fluid
dynamics. WIKKI is actively designing and developing FOAM through a set of commercial and research projects contributing mainly to the FOAM-extend release.

The company’s main area of business is in developing and supporting customised applications and novel numerical simulation techniques by
delivering software and services to its customers. The portfolio of services includes contracted development including integration and coupling of numerical software, training, support as well as automation of simulation processes and work-flows including design and parameter optimisation.


Dr. Henrik Rusche completed his PhD degree at Imperial College London on the modelling and simulation of dispersed multi-phase flows in 2003. He then spent six years working as a project manager at Volkswagen Research, on topics of fluid flow modelling and optimisation. Upon joining WIKKI in 2008 he has brought in expertise in automotive system simulations, multi-phase flow modelling, numerical work-flow management and multi-objective optimisation. He teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Würtemberg in Mosbach, Germany.

Ranjith khumar Shanmugasundaram from Coimbatore, India is working for WIKKI since Jan 2021. He graduated from Anna University, Chennai, India with Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering in 2016, with a bachelors project on „Prediction of erosion rate in a cone flow meter using CFD „. After that Ranjith completed a Master of Science at TU Braunschweig in 2020. As a part of his Master’s program, Ranjith worked on „Extending and Testing an Implicit Residual Smoothing Module for PIANO (acoustic software)“ at DLR Braunschweig. Finally, he wrote his master thesis on the topic of „Modeling and prediction of aerodynamic coefficients using Machine learning“ at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics, TU Braunschweig.

Dr. Henrik Rusche
Ranjith Khumar Shanmugasundaram