Established in November 1948, PROJMORS Designing Office for Maritime Structures Co. Ltd. is one of the oldest designing offices in Poland. At the beginning of the 1990’s PROJMORS went private and was converted into a limited liability company. Since 2015 it has been a member of the ASE corporate group.

Our company is a place where tradition meets modernity. It is made up of a team of designers with many years of experience and young engineers who are full of energy and willingness to innovate. That’s why we don’t avoid demanding projects using new solutions and technologies.

As one of the few design companies, PROJMORS employs designers in practically all disciplines. This allows us, depending on the type of contract and nature of the project, designs can be made comprehensive, from a feasibility study, concepts, and designs to supervision, as well as the turn-key construction of whole facilities and infrastructure. PROJMORS carries out a wide range of tasks related to hydraulic engineering, maritime and off-shore infrastructure projects, as well as specialized civil structures and special designs in the field of defence. We can be proud of thousands of completed projects, not only in Poland but also abroad especially in Europe, Africa and the Middle and Far East.


Krzysztof Postoła is one of the most experienced employees in the company. His 46 years of career are truly impressive. He works both in a design office and on a construction site in Poland and abroad. Krzysztof is a laureate of many awards and his designs are appreciated by the engineering community. As an expert, he is invited to various conferences and lectures to share the knowledge gained over the years.

Krzysztof Postoła